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I didn't tell you guys what happened to me two weeks ago. I was at a red light, waiting to make a right turn and some dumbo rear ended me. He said that he "thought I was going to keep on going". Never mind the fact that there were cars going by and I couldn't go. Fast forward to this morning. I'm at a yield sign. Can't move because there are cars going by when; you guessed it, I was hit AGAIN from behind. The guy also thought that I was going to just plow into the cars going in front of me. My neck hurts a bit. In neither case I called the cops because there was little to no damage to my car and I didn't want to be held up with the coppers. I just don't know what to do anymore. Thankfully, The Kid was not in the car either time. It's getting to be more and more difficult to avoid collisions when one is following the rules of the road.


  1. Diana // 10:32 AM  

    FILE A REPORT! Go back to the police, I hope you at least got their plate #, what if you're hurt?