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There once was a single boy living in a three bedroom house. This boy decided to rent the house out and live somewhere else. Said boy got married, have another kid and move back in the house. THE HOUSE IS CHOCKFULL OF ROACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!#!#!!!!!!!!


There were roaches in the freezer. The FREEZER internet! How in the world does one allow roaches to live in your freezer? There are cobwebs everywhere. I have roaches coming out of my nose. They've even gotten into my sealed plastic tubs. I can't move to a hotel, no money. What do I do internet? I didn't know it was this bad until I woke up Sunday morning and there were no less than 100 roaches in the sink alone. They were crawling on the MATTRESS I SLEPT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can people live in such squalor?

-btw, the tenant is soooo paying for this.

** The roach infestation is not a landlord problem at all. Before these people moved in the house, only my husband lived there and he didn't cook. There were no roaches. They were so icky nasty that they never even dusted the dining room lamp and there are humongous cobwebs all over it. Will try to post pictures as soon as the computer is set up. If I have to see that stuff, well then internet, you will so too. Only because I like to share.


  1. Dream Mommy // 2:15 PM  


    call a bug man, FAST!! Put it on the plastic if you have to!

  2. sourpatchbaby // 12:20 PM  

    Sadly, I have no plastic. I'm the only person my age I know that has not gotten one. I never did see the need at the time........... Hubbie is taking care of the roach problem. Either he takes care of it, or I'm out. He chooses.

  3. Tamara // 11:47 AM  

    OK, I still want to see pictures...Inquiring minds want to see!