On Biting

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 6/30/2006 | 1 comments »

Pain, pain, pain, ouch, ouch. That is just about the only thing I keep thinking everytime I go to nurse The Kid when he's fighthing sleep. Those sharp, sharp teeth of his kept on bitin' me. Especially since The Kid decided that it was extremely fun to bite mommy and then pull your head away while still holding on to the boob. Not fun at all. I want to nurse him to at least one year but boy, does it hurt when they bite you with them sharp teeth.... and that's not all he's bitin'. Yesterday, my husband chastised him for bitin' my shoulder as he is wont to do and the poor kiddo got all whimpering and sad, with the lower lip out and everything.. It was sad, but needed to be done.

In other news, I crashed my car. I'm alright, no harm done, just a little fender bender, but still. It was the frosting on an already funfilled day. It started like this, I wake up, get ready to go to work, can't find keys. Look everywhere, keys are nowhere to be found. Realize keys are in husband's car. Said husband is at his job and can't get off until noon. Then the man who was renting the house before came by at noon to pick up his security deposit (funny how everytime it was his turn to pay rent, he was ALWAYS late, but when it's our turn to give him his security deposit, he calls and drives by about six times in three days), luckily (for him) hubbie was home at that time. AAARRRGH! I wanted to slap him silly! he kept trying to say that he deserved to get the full security deposit because the roaches weren't his problem because they came from the outside. He also said that we didn't give him enough time to clean up the house and fix the numerous holes, tears, stains and other such things in the carpet and walls. He said that "we needed to give him THIRTY days AFTER he moved out so that he can fix all that"!!!!! And we didn't even take half of his security deposit (that was a battle between my husband and me, I wanted to take it so that we could professionally fumigate the house but hubbie wanted to consider the man and give him a break). The man later went to our pastor's mechanic shop because of a problem in his car (they had fixed a problem in his car over six months ago and he thought that he should get his money back now that his car broke again). God, I hate dirty people, why can't people just be clean? How hard is it to dust and mop every once in a while??

It took us over seven grand to fix the a/c alone since it was all clogged up because they decided to take the filter off of it and let it run like that.


  1. Dream Mommy // 1:01 PM  

    What!! I would have taken the entire deposit, and then more if it cost more to fumigate the house.

    Your hubby is too nice. For those nights spent with roaches, you deserve to keep the money!