Oke, umn.... maybe I should wait a bit to continue that history part. Too many bad things happened. Instead I'm going to tell you about the weird pets that I've had. And how most of them met unfortunate ends. Looking back, I think that it was a cry for help. Lord knows that if some child did these things now they would be drugged inmediatelyI'm going to do it chronologically and if I remember any later on, I'll add it. Some of these pets I have no memory of, I just know about them because everyone else remembered what I did to them.

****warning, there are some Elmiraesque* actions going on here, just remember you were warned. Just so you know, I don't think that little children should be given pets that are fragile and can die easily. If you must give your child a pet buy a dog, hopefully one that won't fit in the toilet. I'm just saying.

1. Baby Chickens. When I was very little, about two/three years old, my mom got my sister and me a dozen baby chicks (where I'm from, they sell the fuzzy yellow chickies as pets. They would die a couple of weeks later though because they were too little. They would also spray paint the chicks so that you could have an assortment of Easter egg looking chicks, very cute). Half were hers, half mine. One of my chicks would not drink her water, no matter how hard I pushed her head in the water bowl. Another one would not eat her food, Another one was a bad horsie, very bad horsie. I think I hugged one 'till I could hug no more. Oh, and did I mention that I had gone to the fair not long before? And that I had liked the merry go round? And that I tried to let one chickie experience the round and round? And that all I had left on my hand was a leg? sorry. I was not a bad child, just curious, very curious. I think my sister's chickies suffered the same fate. I have a vague memory of these incidents but it's mostly what I was told.

2. Lizards. In my grandmother's house there used to be a lot of lizards. I would catch them and put them in jars full of water and cover the lids. In my heart, I do believe that I was teaching them how to swim. But they never learned, I am sorry mrs lizard that your babies never came home. So very sorry.

3. Turtles and Fish. This one happened at around the same time. I was much older, like 5 or 6 and nothing was my fault. no, really. my sister and I each had a turtle. We also had a fish tank that had so many fishies that you could very easily catch them with your hand. The fish looked so happy in their tank. The turtles looked very sad and depressed. Can you see were this is going? Anyways, after talking it over, my sister and I decided that we would hold regular sleepovers for the fish and turtles. So that they could be friends. We didn't know that turtles ate fish. The next day the turtles looked much happier, and there were a few half fish floating around. We paid that no mind. Some time later, the girl that would come in and help my mom out to clean the house poured the dirty mop water in the fish tank. She said she didn't know that there were fish there. They all died. My cousin came to visit us some time later and poked my turtle's eye out. My turtle bit him. hard. My cousin threw said turtle out the window. Still don't know what happened to my sister's turtle though.

4. Crabs. Edible crabs, not the itchy ones. My sister and I (have you noticed how most everything bad I did, I was in the company of my sister?) bought crabs when we were about 6 or 7. Two boys and Two girls. Baby crabs. 10 cents each boys, 5 cents each girls. We also had a little hotwheels car that the doors opened and closed. Said car also would run if pushed backwards. Do you see where I'm going with this? The crabs would take rides in the car. Hers would be the parent crabs, mine the kiddie crabs (on account of her being older than me). the doors were not accomodating for the crab's legs. They would close on them and chop them. The crabs died one by one. legless. My girl crab only had a stump and a full leg. Not much else. My sister's crab survived, but that is a whole post (it lived in the sewer/drainage/toilet/who knows where for a few years).

We also had a few dogs, but we always ended up giving them away after a few months. We had two cats. but they died. That's all I'll say on the matter for now, except to say IT WAS MOST DEFINITELY NOT MY FAULT.

* Remember Elmira from Looney Toones? She would hug them and hold them until the eyes popped out of the animals, yeah Elmira.


  1. Dream Mommy // 1:02 PM  

    Crabs, lol. You should have boiled them and ate them to begin with.

    Cute animal stories!

  2. sourpatchbaby // 10:06 AM  

    They were too small to eat. Not even bite-size.