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We interrupt your regular programming to bring you the following public announcement.

on teething, when the woobie was 4 months old, he cut his first tooth (bottom left). He had a fever, runny nose, crankiness, the works. Two weeks later he cut the next tooth (bottom right), fever, runny nose, crankiness. Then nothing, nada. Fast forward to two weeks ago, he started to cut the top two front teeth at the same time. Fever, runny nose, crankiness. Last weekend we bought a new car seat and the woobie was very cranky everytime we put him in it. We thought he didn't like it. Tuesday night, I get a look at his mouth and there is another tooth there (top left), not about to come out, it was already out. That explains the crankiness. Last night I (by chance) got a look at his mouth and there is a new tooth there! That makes four teeth in two weeks, brings it to the grand total of 6 teeth, two on bottom, four on top. Am very exhausted and tired. Although I like him cutting his teeth without fevers and runny noses I just wish he would wait a bit to let me rest.

He wouldn't let me have a good look, but I think I saw a hint of white on his lower gum............


  1. Dream Mommy // 1:03 PM  

    I wonder why baby N doesn't have teeth yet at 7 months? He should at least have some on the bottom.

  2. Tamara // 8:44 AM  

    Oh my gosh - I think Cookie has been teething off and on for a month now - and nothing - ugh! But the chewing, drooling, fever, and crankiness are in full-force at our house. Mercy! She'll be 6 months old on the 20th and no sign of a tooth. Do they come in pretty quickly or something? I've heard a lot about folks just looking one day and there it is.

  3. sourpatchbaby // 8:15 AM  

    The woobie's first two teeth took a while to come in, but the rest have come in one on top of each other. By the way, he cut two bottom teeth this week. At this rate he's going to have a full set of teeth by the time he's one.