Dirty house, continued

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 6/23/2006 | | 2 comments »

Am still trying to fix up the house, but is not going so great. Since I get out of work at five I don't have much time to fix up after work. The kid wants to play on the floor but I won't let him, so I'm stuck holding him most of the evening. Yesterday, I went to clean the hanging lamp over the dining room table. At first glance, I thought that the lamp was frosted. Well, it looked frosted to me. Dusty, but frosted. I cleaned it and the glass is most definitely NOT frosted. It is CLEAR, transparent glass. Not to be sexist or nothing, but the family living there had a couple girls that were between 11 and 13. That's plenty old enough to clean. I've been having to wipe the kitchen counter with pure ammonia every night (will start mopping the floor with ammonia every night also) to try to get rid of the problem. The roaches in the house, they be bold. I was chasing one in the living room and it JUMPED from the living room rug to the dining room tile! I've never heard of jumping roaches before in my life. Hubbie is going to the exterminators today and we are going to the home improvement store to buy the cabinets. We have already decided on the cabinets, we just need to know the price. I think once the cabinets are replaced (we are replacing the stove too, don't get me started on the roach that walked across the stove while the burners were ON) and the extermination thing is done, we will never see them anymore. I will be so glad of that. In other, better news, I made coconut ice cream. I was so craving that for a while and decided that I needed to treat myself. Brought some to the office and everyone gobbled it up. It was good. Really good. Ghetto, but good.


  1. Tamara // 11:46 AM  

    Girrrrl, I am just now cathing up - and read this post and "the roaches - they be bold" and laughed so hard. Woooo - darlin' - yeah, I'm from FL, so I know soooo well exactly the monsters that invade. I am so, so sorry about the house. But you wrote that story too darn well! May you win the battle with the roaches.

  2. Dream Mommy // 1:03 PM  

    Wait til you see the flying roaches. Those are really creepy!