Freebie Fridays!

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 4/03/2007 | 5 comments »

I can't belive this! Mom is Nutz is bringing back the freebie fridays! I order you to go there and get some freebies! Go now! I command thee~


  1. Katherine Marie // 2:41 PM  

    You know, I went to this insane mother's website, and couldn't find anything of the free variety.

    This is more work than I usually prefer to do for "free" stuff.

    You're verification just called me

    X EGGS.

    I'm not kidding.
    That's what it called me.
    I'm sitting here in utter disbelief! *gasping*

  2. InDueTime // 11:56 PM  

    Thanks for the comment, great to see my lurkers let me know they are there!! Your breastaholic is too cute!! Don't stay too quiet. :-)

  3. sourpatchbaby // 8:14 AM  

    Umn, katie...We all know you eat dozens and dozens of eggs at a time. That's how you keep your cholesterol down.

  4. sourpatchbaby // 11:10 AM  

    also Katie....the link named freebie fridays shows up to her freebie link page. I got there fine. Have you lost what little use of your mind you had left woman?

  5. Katherine Marie // 11:47 AM  

    Yes. I think it's attributed to all of the eggs I've consumed lately. Apparently... ♥