The Kid

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 4/23/2007 | | 6 comments »

Updated to add more words!

I noticed that I haven't updated ya'll on The Kid, so here it goes.
He's 18 months old and gets into everything. He won't even let me poop in peace. YOU try to do number 2 while bouncing a child in your lap and singing elmo songs! Let's see how you like it! But other than that, he's right on schedule with stuff, I guess. Here are the words that come out of his mouth lately:
abuela (grandma), mama, papa, ka (short for snack. It's pronounced like a loud karate scream, kaaaaaaa!), leche (milk), jugo (juice),wassup (hilarious to hear him say it because he will whisper it and stick his tongue out),que? (what), The Kid (well, actually his name), cow, moo, quack, duck, hielo (ice, he pronounces it yellow), red, blue, car, one, two, whee!,

pretty (pronounced peee-teee. He directs this at the mirror right after he's freshly cleaned and dressed. He likes to see himself peetee), isa, dimar, nati, asa (names of family friends), loco, pata (leg, also means gay in some spanish areas), pie, eye, ear, nooo!, look at that! (except he pronounces it, ahkala!), bye, allo' (pronounced very british), wow, what, and he does say other things that we've yet to decipher. Now I have to go eat, am starving, like marvin.

** He also says Dios (God. He pronounces it like Homer's D'oh!), Haleluyah (aaahuuuya!), and Amen (fine, he actually says aw man! But I'm telling people that he's saying Amen like a good little boy, heheh)**


  1. Katherine Marie // 9:15 PM  

    Heeeey. Did you change your thing just cause I changed my thing to your thing??!!

    And, that was a mighty long paragraph of baby words. I think it's interesting that you're teaching him some sort of Spanglish-y language. That won't confuse him at all?

    At some point I'd like to know his name. I mean, I won't spread it all over the internet, but it'd be nice to put a name to that cute baby face.

    And by the way, he looks so much like your baby brother. Who is probably huge now. Which is a weird thought, cause in my head he's still little baby J that beat me up sometimes.

  2. Katherine Marie // 9:21 PM  

    and spit at me.

    and bit me.

    Now that I think of it, he was cute, but hella scary.

  3. PapaJoneh // 10:38 PM  

    this is going to be my first(1) comment here.
    I can't remember much about my boy baby talk... but sure confusing. we like taught him 3 different languages. Now at near 3yrs old, he can talk 3 different language in just one sentence combined. shocking. sometimes i have to translate it back to english. we taught him Kadazan(our native tongue), English and Auntie taught him Malay(M'sian language).

  4. Katherine Marie // 11:17 PM  

    Hey, he taught him three languages I've never heard of! That rocks my socks!

  5. sourpatchbaby // 8:18 AM  

    Umn, Katie....You're speaking English right now.. And yes, he does look like the spiffing image of J. Except this one doesn't beat up people (too much, intentionally). Joseph. The Kid's name is Joseph. And no, I didn't change my thing just cuz you changed yours. I changed it because some people weren't able to comment here because of the pop up thing. I take comments over prettiness any day of the week.

    It is confusing because some words he doesn't understand in one language, but will in another. I guess he's training me for the teenage years?

    Welcome Papa!

  6. Katherine Marie // 9:06 AM  

    I said he taught HIM three languages I've never heard of, not me, silly girl!

    I like the name. It's similar to the name I've chosen for my future son: Jack. *should I ever have a child* *I might go barren from all the MSG in my Chinese food and too much time around the toxic Manchvegas river*

    Hm. Maybe I should change mine back, for safety's sake. I wouldn't want the guy from Khazakstan to miss the chance to leave a note.

    That's becoming an obsession for me. I'm crazy.

    I'm going to have to recruit someone just to visit my page and get a dot on that country.