Moldy thoughts

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 4/05/2007 | | 5 comments »

Okay, so this lady from church had mold. (Not on her Katie, but on her house) it happened because she’s a single mom and did not give her air conditioner any maintenance which led to mold all over her house. They just moved out into an apartment and had to literally abandon their home and most of the furnishings on it. Even the couch, which looked okay on the outside but when they pulled that fabric-ey lining at the bottom, was full of mold. A site like Pennsylvania Mold Inspector one should help you find a good mold guy.

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  1. Katherine Marie // 10:57 AM  

    You know, *SourFreak*, it would have been so much funnier had you let me attempt to figure out how your church lady got moldy.

    And what kind of mold she'd been infected with.

    And in what region the mold had affected her, how itchy it made her, of course how stinky it made her.

    And how it would have been removed from her moldy self.

    You funny bludgeon-er.

  2. sourpatchbaby // 11:06 AM  

    You know. I thought that you would think that the title, Moldy thoughts, referred to the fact that I don't really think that much and therefore my thoughts are moldy....But I see your point.

  3. Katherine Marie // 11:40 AM  

    Well, instead of leading me like a chimp through an obstacle course, lemme run around and play with the toys.

    It's usually quite amusing, I promise.

  4. sourpatchbaby // 1:00 PM  

    okay. I promise from now on I will just let you form your own thoughts instead of sneakily twisting your mind. I will purposefully leave off things so that you can add as you wish. Would you like that?

  5. Katherine Marie // 2:35 PM  

    Very much so.

    In fact, the more you leave to question, the better.

    It's like a riddle that I get to come up with the answer for.

    Katie enjoys.