The best diet pill in the market

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 4/11/2007 | | 14 comments »

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  1. Katherine Marie // 11:30 AM  

    Your sister sent me a message on Myspace saying how pretty I am, or something of the sort. Which was... a little... weird. But it looks like she may have settled down a little bit? And has a baby? Should I be scared?

  2. sourpatchbaby // 2:47 PM  

    well....she's not married or anything. She does have a lil girl and just recently lost twins/half a set of twins/a singleton? not quite sure yet.....Yes you should always be skared when my sister's involved....she's been trying to get my blogger info for a while. Haven't let her find it

  3. Katherine Marie // 3:21 PM  

    lol. I know. I'd keep her away, too. She'd probably find a way to make all your posts about her.

    However, I am sorry to hear she lost a baby(ies?).

    Ciao-ness ♥

  4. Katherine Marie // 3:25 PM  

    OoO. And you know what's weird?

    Talking to your sister actually brought our weird phrase back into my head. How that association came to be, I'm not sure. But I'm not going to say it. You'll have to remember it.

    Katie Pop quiz!

  5. sourpatchbaby // 3:25 PM  

    yeah I know. It's sad about that. But you know, I'm pretty sure that you and I would make sure that all the posts are about you. I mean, they already are becoming about you little by little.

  6. sourpatchbaby // 3:59 PM  

    NoNONONONONONO! I can't do more quizzes! no more tests! For the love of monkeys! nOOOOOOO! Actually, for the life of me I can't even recall what the heck you may be talking about. Give me a clue! A clue!

  7. Katherine Marie // 5:38 PM  

    And your clue is:

    Cow cow

    I am very disappointed in you.

    And making it about me is how it should be. I don't know if I could survive if they became about somebody else. I might wither and die.

    Could you really live with that blood on your hands?!

  8. sourpatchbaby // 8:21 AM  

    No, I could not. although I might need a second clue. I'm not sure if it's the sleepless night I had, or the fact that I'm clueless, but I can't realize what that clue means...

  9. Katherine Marie // 4:46 PM  

    Me gustan.

    Do you have no memory at all?!

  10. sourpatchbaby // 8:20 AM  

    No, I do not. I got mommy brain and all. I do remember something about a I love me, who do you love thing?

  11. Katherine Marie // 6:56 PM  

    Okay, one more clue, and then it is lost forever.

    Me gustan... las baca vacas...

  12. sourpatchbaby // 9:27 AM  

    I can remember saying it. I can remember how it sounded. I can remember how my mouth moved when I said it, but I can't remember what the word is....Me gustan las vaca vacas gordas?

  13. Katherine Marie // 1:37 PM  


  14. sourpatchbaby // 5:04 PM