So I just came back from our company's Teambuilding meeting. It's something quite cute that they came up with to get every department to work together. So far, we have gone to Gameworks (adult chuckecheese), Laser tag arena, and today we did a murder mistery thing. It was very much so like Clue except I actually understood what people said and guessed right at the murderer. Because of that I won a hat. Not just any hat, an island girl hat. I look like I should have some too short long pants, a white beater, and be barefoot climbing a coconut tree. S'okay though, I won. That's all that counts!


  1. Katherine Marie // 8:55 AM  

    I'm jealous. I desperately would like to go to an "Adult Chuck-E-Cheese". NOW.

  2. sourpatchbaby // 9:35 AM  

    Yeah but you would've loved the laser tag. I got to shoot and kill people! Yay!