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Okay, so I had this job where I monitored court proceedings. It was actually fun, me being the nosy nelly that I am and all. And since most of everything I saw and heard is public record I can talk about it. Except the other stuff, the juicy things. Those I can't really talk about (although they never told me not to, I just figure that since the transcripts are not available to the public, that I can't talk about it). Of course, that only means Katie's curiosity has been sparked.
FYI when you first go to court to get a restraining order, you initially get a 30 day emergency one. You have to show up in court to get it to be made permanent (usually 12 months). If during the time that either the temporary or permanent restraining orders are in effect the other person breaks contact (even by calling the other person), they can go to jail from anywhere between 1-12 months depending on severity of offense. But first they have to go in front of the Judge and explain why they broke the restraining order.

Anyways, we had this case in domestic violence court (that's where all the injunctions or restraining orders are done). This woman was at a family BBQ. There were only 2 rack of ribs for everyone there to share. There were about 17 people at the BBQ. The woman in question took 1/2 a rack for herself, another woman didn't think it was right. A fight ensued, they ended up putting restraining orders against each other.

This other woman, she got a restraining order against her ex husband and it was made permanent. She later called the police and said that the ex came and beat her up. She was in pretty bad shape. Bruises, torn clothing, pulled hair, furniture all over the place, broken things, you name it. It looked like the guy did a pretty good job of getting the woman. The judge issued a Warrant for the guy's arrest and then when their court date came up, all poop hit the fan. The guy had been saying from the beginning that the woman was lying (don't all wife beaters say that?) but he could never prove it. This time he told the judge that he had solid proof that he did not do anything to the woman. The judge, curiously asked what kind of proof. I mean, this couple had been in front of him several times already and all. The guy said, and this is where it gets good. He said, I was picked up for drunk driving about 2 hours before the incident. I was sitting in jail when I supposedly beat her up. The woman, could not come up with an answer to that and it was determined by the judge that the woman beat herself up just to get back at the guy. Talk about bad blood huh? I don't remember exactly what the judge did, I know that he terminated the injunction against the man but made one against the woman. He also either jailed or fined the woman for lying to the court. The judge liked to retell this story to all the couples that came in front of him to show the spiteful mean spirited women that they could not lie because they would be found out. Katie, what do you think?


  1. Katherine Marie // 10:35 AM  

    What do I think?

    I think this desperate gal should have at least done her research before she set him up. I mean, if you're gonna be sneaky and backstabbing, do it right.

    And I think that crazy chick number one just values the self rightousness that comes with hunger.

    We both know what that's all about. Oh, yes we do.

  2. sourpatchbaby // 11:45 AM  

    Yeah but why did the other chick had to go and make a big deal? I mean they could've eaten pork chops or mashed potaters and whatnot.

  3. sourpatchbaby // 11:49 AM  

    See, the actions of the first woman by getting half a rack just speaks that she cares about herself. She cares about not being left starvin' like marvin'. Now, the second crazy chick is just plain jealous that someone got to the ribs before she did. I mean, if she took a full rack now, she'd be the one to look greedy and gluttonly. And we all know she didn't want that. The fact that both of them got into a fist fight and ended up in jail? Well, that's ghetto redneck at its best.

  4. Katherine Marie // 12:27 PM  

    Don't pretend like you wouldn't fight to the death for a rack of ribs.

    Yes. It is Ghetto-fantabulous.

    I like this story.

    A ++

  5. sourpatchbaby // 3:16 PM  

    Okay, you win. I WAS the woman in the story. Not really, but I would've fought tooth and nail for the last piece of delishus ribs with bbq sauce and french fries with mayo. Oh heck yeah! BTW, that was my ONE pregnancy craving and I still enjoy it to this day.

  6. Laurie // 1:19 AM  

    Hmmm, as my husband would say, "bitch crazy"

    Seriously though I'm not sure what it would take for someone to do these days for me to be surprised. People are just so amazing. And stupid. It's scary.

  7. sourpatchbaby // 8:12 AM  

    Taxpayer dollars working at its best. Clogging the court system with unnecessary cases leaving the people that really need to be helped in court stranded. YAY! I got's a new comment that wasn't by Katie! (don't worry K, I still think you're the best) Welcome!

  8. Katherine Marie // 9:02 AM  

    I could do the G jealousy "NOBODY COMMENT OR I'LL KILL YOU!" thing, but I know it's inevitable.

    We're too awesome for people not to notice.

  9. sourpatchbaby // 1:24 PM  

    Wait a didn't find out about those commenters of yours, did you?? Cuz, you know...a lot of people slip and fall down a flight of stairs.........

  10. Katherine Marie // 9:08 AM  

    Just like some people might have ended up on the business end of an electrocution device, happen to be sleeping, really quietly?