Win a date with Mirelly Taylor!

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 5/21/2007 | 1 comments »

Andrew gives you the lowdown

So there’s this girl, well she’s an actress. And she’s been in such movies as Kiss Me Again, Serving Sara, Las Vegas, and Numb3rs. And she’s very lonely and needing herself a date. There are a bunch of really funny submission videos at right now! Go check them out. One of the funniest things about the contest is that anyone can participate. So even if you’re a girl that’s into that sort of thing, you can actually win a date with her. This is not just win a date, is actually Seduce a Celeb. So you can actually see that your seducing charms worked and won you that much coveted date.
go here and check out theFree videos at
I think that someone should record themselves flinging spaghetti at a wall saying that the voices told them to do so. Then they could do a close up of the spaghetti wall spelling her name and do the cheapo idea lighbulb thing when they realize that they can enter the contest and win a date. But then again, I am running on just one banana and one guava today. Am starving so my ramblings will probably seem like crazy talk to you. Which fits perfectly with the whole overtone of the contest as my very rambley video could actually be a winner. Only thing is that I don’t think The Hubby would appreciate me going on dates with other people….


  1. Katherine Marie // 3:14 PM  

    Yes, you are more then mildly rambly.