Baby Name Game

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 5/22/2007 | , | 9 comments »

So, I gots tagged. Again. But this time the Papa tagged me. It's about the meaning of the names. So, The Kid's real name is Joseph. It's hebrew and it means May Jah Give Increase. But my name, my name's something quite weird. It's Gisselle. It was supposed to be Arlette but my father changed it when he went to register me (in the DR you don't register babies at the hospital but later in life). He also changed my sister's name from I don't remember what it was supposed to be, to his ex-girlfriend's name. I don't think that my mom was very happy with that decision. As for The Hubby, he has one of the common names that you see hispanic men with. It's either Jose, Roberto, Pedro, or Luis. Back to The Kid, he was not named by either myself or The Hubby. He was actually named by God himself. You see, The Hubby had a vision where God told him that he would have a son and that he must name the boy Joseph. And since you can't really go against God's will because he can smite you, we did. His middle name is Ethanael, I chose that because while I was pregnant I had a crush on Ethan from Passions (give me a break, had nothing to do all day but sleep and watch soaps).


  1. Katherine Marie // 1:52 PM  

    OH my george. You said your name! I could have been using it this whole freaking time?!!

  2. Katherine Marie // 1:53 PM  

    Sourpatch is so weird to associate with you. Though I know very well your obsession with the candy, I don't feel it's really descriptive of you. It's darn near annoying.

  3. sourpatchbaby // 9:34 AM  

    Fine, then. YOU name me. This is the name the sourpatch time. YOU give me my next online name. That better? Remember, I wasn't near you to have you name me.

  4. papajoneh // 3:42 AM  

    wow.... quite interesting how the name process. And yes, cannot go against GOD's will. Joseph is nice. It has the Saint name. that should be good one. :)

  5. Katherine Marie // 12:45 PM  

    It'll take me a little while to come up with a good online name for you. Gimme a week, I'll come up with one chica.

  6. creative-type dad // 1:00 PM  

    My brother's name is Joseph. I think he was named after a TV character

  7. Laurie // 12:49 PM  

    that is so cool. i wish anyone would have spoken to me and told me what to name my kids. would have made everything so much easier.

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  9. Diana // 11:03 PM  

    My son's name is means God has heard. There was much praying during my pregnancy for this baby boy to be born...we had had two miscarraiges already...
    So there's that one. My name is the drunken compilation of a word and a name...Diana is only half...and my hubby, Pedro. Poor guy.