Posted by sourpatchbaby | 5/01/2007 | | 1 comments »

If you’re like me, you’ll end up buying way too much stuff with way too little money. Or you’ll end up overpaying for something that you just realized that you HAD to have something that you didn’t even know existed and now have to explain to your husband/wife/momma how you paid 10 dollars (plus shipping) for a 3 dollar item..

Or you’re just naturally broke but still want to be able to shop whenever you want. That’s where bid4prizes comes into play. Instead of bidding up and being stuck paying more than top dollar for an item you could’ve gotten for half price at the store, you’re actually bidding down. Yeah, I know. It’s not the top offer that wins, but the lowest bid that wins. And best of all, you don’t even pay for your bid if you win. Only catch is, you can only win once every ninety days which is killer for me because I already have my eye on several things. Including a BMW 3 series! Imagine moi driving a beautiful BMW! I have to go now and bid, bid, bid until I win, win, win!


  1. Katherine Marie // 6:04 PM  

    Sounds interesting, actually, I'm just wondering what the real catch is.