Brain fritters

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So yeah, it's been a heckalong week:
Monday: After dealing with all the work stress all day long......go to skool learn that after we've been told the whole semester that the final would be open notes, now it's not. Did I mention that the final is Weds? And that it's math (my archenemy).

Tuesday: Have to attend "training seminar" at work due to some panel interviews that we're to hold. Stress* me out a lot. Am sent home with a pile of resumes to go over on TOP of my math junk I have to go over. Lose my T1-83 calculator. Have no idea what happened to it. Am about to go into fetal position. Had to beg the receptionist to lend me a crappy looking thing that a kindergartener wouldn't be seen with.

Wednesday: Have to be at the interview room at 8:15am. Not a good idea since I'm extremely cranky if I don't eat a cuban/meatball sub/can of chefboyardee early in the morning. Am starving and losing my mind. First two interviews were like night/day. Extremely different**. Break for lunch and run over to the taco bus to gets me some of the best tacos in town. Had no time to study and*** have to run back and interview some more. Didn't finish the interviews until 4:50pm. The VP of our segment called us to get our feedback on the people we intervied. Didn't get out of that until 5:30pm. Did I mention my final was today? Yeah. Run over to skool's cafeteria and get with the other students there. We're all trying to study but it's hard since the teacher gave us this chapter in two weeks, and he wasn't even in skool two of those days(two day a week class). Did I mention that he won't answer any questions directly? Like, if I don't understand question five and ask him to explain....He will look at me and say: if it makes you feel better, put what you want there.WTH?**** All of us dumb students try to figure out how to do things. We finally figure out how to work things out then we have to rush over to the class.

Test was eeeeesseee. Was more of what I would expect a 5 year old to do. I better get an A in it or I'll put flaming bags of poo in his house.

*got a cold sore right in the middle of my lips. I've never even seen one that wasn't at the corners of the lips, let alone in the middle. It's HUGE.

**Tip for all you job seekers: if you're being interviewed and someone asks you a question, don't be all huffy and say: "I believe we already covered that already" when A)we haven't. and B) we're interviewing you not the other way around. Be a professional already and answer the darn question. Also, vague answers don't quite cut it. Be prepared to back up what you have on your resume with specific detailed answers. And don't say that you don't want to be a "road warrior" when you know full well that the position YOU applied for requires 15-30% unexpected travel. On eye contact: don't assume that one person is the main decision maker and only speak to that person when other people are asking you a question. Also, panel interviews mean that everyone on the panel will make a decision, not just the one person you single out to the point of ignoring others.

***Got a soda out of the electric cooler thing. When I opened it, it fizzled all over the place. Thank goodness that I was next to a trash can. What didn't fizzle out, was frozen. People, stop turning the temperature in the cooler thing all the way down. You have exploded several cans of soda already. Grow up.

****what the heck.

UPDATE: Also, if your interview is at say, 10am. Please do NOT show up at the jobsite at 7:30AM! I mean, seriously! What are you expecting, that we take you before everyone else? Be a professional about it. What irks me most is that this person was (since she's not even going on to the second round of interviews) applying for an HR Director of the Americas Region position. The kind of thing that you need to be a professional and that you make way more than six figures. NOT the kind of job you get at your local Mickey D's. Act like an adult and not an impetulent child.


  1. Katherine Marie // 7:28 AM  

    Sounds like a super long - bad karma day. But at least the test was easy and it sounds like your decision wasn't too hard with the bad interviews. Right-o??

  2. sourpatchbaby // 8:40 AM  

    Yes but you forget the point. Don't be an *ss when you're the one that wants the job. I mean, my job's secure. I don't care whether you get hired or not, so behave...Plus, she was reeeely annoying.

  3. Katherine Marie // 12:41 AM  

    But, be easy, interviews suck. I mean, look at my past experiences. I'm not certain that I was a pleasing interviewee.

    You be on the other end of that bright burning light, and see how easily your eye contact shifts. And your voice takes on a tone of its own. And you just start saying things you know are only half truths.

    Not to say that this person wasn't annoying or lacking in professionalism, just keep in mind how much pressure like that can bring out the crazy in some people.

  4. sourpatchbaby // 11:00 AM  

    Umn, is different. It's not like we were interviewing regular joe's off of the street. The people that were chosen to go on the interview were supposed to be "HR Professionals" and the only person that acted that way was her. Everyone else was a professional about it. And it wasn't that she didn't make eye contact. It was the fact that she chose the person with the "manager" title to make eye contact. Plus, she supposedly had people that reported directly to her. She knew better.

  5. Katherine Marie // 8:48 PM