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Yay! I got in touch with someone very special. I shall name her Morgana (she would like that). Morgana and I used to be very bestest best friends in the whole wide world. I left the place that we called home and never went back, and for that I am truly sorry because I lost contact with someone that was very special to me. Morgana and I went through a lot together, from boy band crushes to gang beatings (not us, the guy that was driving the car {it was a reeely nice car, too}). I think that I will do a series of posts regarding how I came to leave that place and ended up where I am. There might be monkeys involved. Or poop. Or both, I am a mom after all.


  1. Katherine // 2:28 PM  

    Jesus H, you remembered my story stuff?!? That's insanity.

    I would prefer that you used my actual name, you goofball.

  2. Katherine // 3:00 PM  

    And what's funny is I mostly remember school skipping and your mother insessintly calling me a cow in spanish <3

  3. sourpatchbaby // 8:19 AM  

    Yeah, well. I'm pretty sure that was my sister. And could you keep it down, please? I'm trying to make the internet think that I'm some sort of well behaved productive citizen. Okay, ms. Katherine K. K-not telling everyone your last name.

  4. Katherine Marie // 10:20 AM  
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  5. sourpatchbaby // 10:25 AM  

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Now the internet knows my name!!!!!!!! Arghdklfsj$%&@@*
    *clutching heart* Palpitations! My heart meds, stat! I hear you about the loans. I'm struggling with them myself. Keep telling myself, self, if you're still in skool they can't come after you..right? RIGHT??? Sho' I'd like that stuff. I'll email you my address. I AM trying to keep my internet personna a secret, MS KKK you.

  6. Katherine Marie // 10:37 AM  

    OOps, sorry! Can you delete my comment so nobody can see it?? I guess I just assumed the first name was okay.... Let me know!

  7. Katherine Marie // 10:38 AM  

    Never mind, I deleted it... See, all better. You are now anonomous again... sorry, wasn't thinking!! Okay cool. You still have an abnormal obsession with frogs/cows, right?

  8. Katherine Marie // 10:46 AM  

    rAAARGH... I can't read messages on myspace at work. I work at an insurance co. so only some things pass the strict filter they have, I'm surprised they let me look at blogger & LiveJournal & Email, but I guess they don't have a lot of workers that go onto them....

    Email the message if possible?


  9. sourpatchbaby // 10:51 AM  

    S'okay, the thing is, I don't want anyone in Tampa, Florida to know that I have this. It would be awkward. Plus The Hubby doesn't like the internet, would make me pull this. I'll resend. Cow obsession, check. Frog obsession, not so much anymore. MONKEYS! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Monkeys are the new black. They better than sliced bread. And taste better than scrambled eggs with ketchup and mayo on toast.

  10. sourpatchbaby // 10:59 AM  

    You can keep the taser, Mr T. I won't have much use for it.

  11. Katherine Marie // 11:24 AM  

    Oh, lol, Auntie Chris found the taser not long after you left, and I'm not sure what happened to it then. Maybe she sold it on the black market, but I think she lost it. It's probably lurking in her basement somewhere ready for someone to accidentally step on it.

  12. Katherine Marie // 12:24 PM  

    zPlus I'm thinking that trying to send a taser through the mail wouldn't be a good idea. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't go over well with the post office. <3