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Friday I had a Katie moment*. It was the birthday celebration of one of my coworkers and she had a huge cookie cake. Those are delicious. Of course, my office mate had to take a piece for one of the secretaries, and OF COURSE she had to LEAVE me ALONE with the cake. I tell you, I literally caught myself a couple of times with my hand just inches from the cake ready to take a bite. It was TORTURE, internet. I could hear the cookie calling my name. My belly was trying to take over..I couldn't resist. I had im'd the girl and told her to come get it fast...She was taking her time. I had to bring it to her to stop me from taking the cake. The funny thing was, after I brought it to her I got another piece for myself and didn't eat it. It went to waste. Bad, bad me.

**by Katie moment I don't mean something she would do, I mean something that would probly happen to me anytime that I'm in Katie's presence. She definitely brought my cavewoman-ish instincts out. Memories of us grunting while eating chinese in the living room are still fresh. I will never look at a pupu plater the same way again.

***Oh yeah, we've all been able to tell that Katie is Morgana and that she is a dork. A cute, lovable dork; but a dork nonetheless. Also, she smells like peas.


  1. Katherine Marie // 1:25 PM  

    Hey, lady, if I brought it outta you, it was there to be brought-ed out.
    I rarely act out my cave-woman-ish instincts with other friends, so I think it was one it was something we both brought out.

    But, what's funny, is sometimes I want to do the "What are you doing?" "I'm BREATHING. I'm picking up a hairbrush and I'm BRUSHING my hair. I'm CHEWING. My teeth are touching the food and they're making this motion (etc)" thing with other friends, but I know they just wouldn't get it... O_o

  2. sourpatchbaby // 4:17 PM  

    Yeah, I get weird looks when I've tried doing things like that. It's just not the same. Also, other people don't appreciate my shoving food in their mouths and taking food off of their plates. Those were the good times.

  3. Diana // 2:15 PM  

    mmmmmm...cake! If I lived near you, I would have told you to bring it to ME!

  4. sourpatchbaby // 5:00 PM  

    Diana, it probably wouldn't have made it there. So long as I know it's not for me, I want it.