so.. my poor The Kid, he's the one that's borne the brunt of my monster. It's as if a switch was hit inside of me where the baby could do no wrong and The Kid could do nothing right. And then I'd blow up, big time. I'll even admit it, I hit him in anger a couple of times before I got help. It was that which made me realize how wrong I was and how much help I truly needed. I smacked his butt and leg so hard because he had a small accident (we'd been potty training him before the baby was born) that when I sat him in the potty immediately after I noticed that I'd left a red welt on his leg. Oh God how I lost it then. But the worse was yet to come. He started telling me that he was sorry for what he did. Do you know how horrible it is to hear your child apologize to you for something that YOU did wrong? I just dropped down on my knees and started hugging my poor confused boy; kissing him and apologizing to him. I just thank God that it didn't get worse than that and that I'm getting the help I need. One day at a time is the most anyone can ask of me and that's how am doing it.

I've been making sure that The Kid gets the appreciation that he deserves and paying lots of attention to him. I just hope that I didn't scar him for life or that I jeopardized his relationship with his baby brother because of it seeing as how I turned into a monster after the baby came.


  1. Grey Street Kate // 8:19 AM  

    Honestly, that's my biggest fear about having kids. I know what I'm capable of [mostly b/c of my mother] and that there's a possibility for repeating it. The only way it could be repeated, though, is by not recognizing what you're doing. Thinking on instinct.

    I doubt you scarred him, G, and the fact alone that you are recognizing your actions and seeking help is what makes a good mother. Letting it go and just praying your kid turns out okay is what makes the mothers that raised us.

  2. sourpatchbaby // 9:28 AM  

    Have I told you lately how much I love you?