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We went to the aquarium on tuesday. It was fun. Made especially so because it was free thanks to my awesome military discount. There was a fish there. I'm pretty sure it was a grouper. It was bigger than katie's head. And before you start with your "but SPB, you're always comparing things to people's heads. How are we supposed to know any difference?" think on this, all we could see of the fish was it's tail which was bigger than a fan. It was huge. I had to wipe the drool off my mouth just thinking of that fish on a plate before me. Of course, kids being kids, The Kid only cared about the play area outside. Had I known that he'd rush me through everything just so he can go down a slide I would've just taken him to the park down the street and saved me some gas.

The Kid got a pair of rollerskates. He looks so adorable in them. They're the old fashioned kind that adjust at the bottom and you put over your shoes. Of course, he doesn't skate, he walks on the skates but thinks he is skating. It's cute, actually. Ducky's tooth finally cut through, and I have the bitemarks to prove it. The Kid never did bite this much when he was nursing. Need to think of way to make him stop, otherwise I'll be nippleless by the time he turns one.