I'm here

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 12/27/2007 | , , , | 0 comments »

It's been hecka crazy busy around here between work and home. Plus, I've been trying to get to 1000 posts on the mothering board I belong to so I've been neglecting you guys in the process. sowwey.:( Still working, still pregnant, am huuge. Am so big, if I went to seaworld dressed in black right now, they wouldn't let me out. Katie, where the heck are you? You better be hooked up to a murder machine or be repeatedly stabbed in the eye with a spork or I'll go over to where you are and do it myself. Geez woman, you act as though JTHM has you in his basement or something. Although knowing you, you probably went to find Johnen and discovered that JTHM does exist. No fair, I wanted to be there when you went to his house. Hopefully this bean will come out before the 10th of Jan so that I can go on maternity leave already. It's getting to be ridiculous to walk/bounce up and down the four flights of stairs every single day.

In The Kid news, we're starting potty training. yay(can you tell am extremely excited? snort) easier said than done with someone that will purposefully NOT do anything in the potty when sat on it for two hours and wait for the moment you get him up to poop on himself and hide. I swear he must like the squishy feeling....

And we have some sort of beetle infestation in the house. We have no idea what the heck they are except that they:
a)look like teeny beetles (smaller than a grain of rice)
b)are brown
d)seem to like the food pantry
e)the bomb thingie doesn't do anything for them
f)are NOT fleas

we think that they came in the house through some non refridgerable produce bought at the farmer's market and we don't know how the heck to get them out of the house.