what i've been up to this week.

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 5/22/2006 | 1 comments »

just for your enjoyment, and because im such a masochist; i'm going to post exactly everything i've done this week. we sold the house on monday and had to move the weekend prior. it is NOT nice to spend your first mother's day moving boxes, NOT nice at all. we have to stay at my mil's one bedroom apartment until the other people's lease ends so we can move into our house. arggg. it sucks big time. tuesday i had to go over to the DMV office to get my ticket taken care of. wedn went to skool-sucky. thursday had to go to a funeral, oh yeah, thurs morning my mil's car (which i had to drive bc mine had gone kaput the week before) completely died in the MIDDLE of the intersection in FRONT of my job, i was so embarassed i didn't want anyone to see me there. it sucked big time, fortunately, my awsome awsome hubbie had been looking at cars for me and was able to get me an awsome car. LOVE IT!. friday i went to this revival service really far away and got lost on the way there (for once, this wasnt my fault, i was given faulty direccions). saturday i had to go to the library to do my skool work (im taking online classes this summer and will be internetless until we move to our house, not a good combination) then grocery shopping, cooking, and then got together with our group until about 1am. sunday i was able to sleep in until about 730am (whoo-hoo) then we had to get ready for church and then out to eat afterwards. when we got home around 10pm i was pooped but had to get things ready for the week. oh yeah, forgot to mention, i work full time, breastfeed (pump 4 times a day at work), go to skool, and go to church 3x a week and have to drop off and pick up the woobie at the sitter's every day, i have almost no time for myself and the woobie still wakes up several times to eat at 7 months old. well, gotta go back to work.... man, im exhausted just remembering all i had to do last week, hope this week is less stressful.


  1. Dream Mommy // 12:51 PM  

    Wow! You sound busy. Hope you get some relax time to yourself soon.